Dig dig dig dig dig…

My son listens like any thirteen year old boy, which is to say, he gets the gist of things but the details often bounce off his brain like tennis balls off a brick wall. Our driveway is about a hundred feet long, with a decided downward slope. At the end is a fence providing the southern enclosure to The Back Yard. For reasons having to do with How it Was Back Then, the driveway continues on under the vehicle gate a few feet then narrows into a pathway angling off through the neighbor’s back yard. The point of this exposition … Continue reading Dig dig dig dig dig…

A Little Evening Magic

More fire, another trashcan filled to (almost) overflowing, another load into the trunk of the Civic. The pile of remodeling debris continues to shrink. I invite Katie out with me as I’m doing all this. I like to keep her involved, and it gives Michelle some time with one less demand on her. So, we putter around the yard, me laying in big stuff, Katie tossing in small stuff, us having a grand time making the side yard look like yard again. We were climbing up onto the deck’s second level to go in for a drink, when I heard … Continue reading A Little Evening Magic

Potato Soup

Dad made potato soup on Saturdays. That was his lunch and, sometimes, mine too. His recipe wasn’t special. There was no elevating it. A country boy from south-eastern Nebraska, a farmer from a line of farmers, my dad didn’t go in for “elevating.” When it came to cooking, he was not an imaginative man. Dirt colored russet potatoes, white onion, milk, a pat of margarine, salt, pepper. Sometimes a little ground beef – on those days my child’s heart would sing for joy – mostly not. We shopped at the neighborhood market, back in the days when there were such … Continue reading Potato Soup

Shreddin’ it.

Aside from their allowances, I don’t like giving my kids money. This isn’t to say I don’t think they should have all they want; what I mean is, I want the money to come from having done something. Pride of accomplishment, reward for a job well done, all that shit my dad used to tell me that I swore I’d never tell my kids if I had any. And I haven’t. I haven’t told them that. I just put it into practice as often as possible. (They don’t like it much either, poor things. ) My son and I were … Continue reading Shreddin’ it.

Halloween 2017

This was a terrifically busy weekend. I did nothing for any business, mine or day-job. All my time was spent on making Halloween happen for my children, or enabling it. Katie did most of the work in striping her own coat and pants; I drafted and put the pants together. Katie did her own makeup. For Jami’s, I altered and recut a brown polyester pants suit – ugly as hell, very popular with Democratic presidential candidates. To save doing gray makeup all over his body I made legs and sleeves of gray fabric. With his costume done, I grabbed a … Continue reading Halloween 2017

Autumn Music

There is a gigantic oak tree in the back yard. Pin oaks are usually chosen for neighborhoods because of their fast growth rates, and I suspect that’s why my uncle planted the ones in our yard, somewhere around 1955. It’s dropping acorns. You can hear them bounce off the fence rails, hit the top of the hen house, occasionally even one of the hens, eliciting an outraged and offended *buh-KAWK* from the victim. Walking back there is like walking after a hail storm. Crunchy. Certainly never barefoot. It’s dropping acorns. Hundreds. So I did what any good neighbor would do. … Continue reading Autumn Music

So I wouldn’t have to mow.

There’s an old saw about how European settlers to the American continent had lots of children because there was lots to do. Every child you added to the stable, so to speak, was another laborer to help till the land, carry the firewood, cook the food, to contribute, as it were, to the running of home and farmstead. (I think that we’re forgetting the fact the birth control was pretty much non-existent, but that’s an essay for another time.) We live on a third of an acre, with about a third of that taken up by a house and deck. … Continue reading So I wouldn’t have to mow.