My Sous Chef

Jami walks in to the kitchen as I’m clearing counter space, emptying the dishwasher, scrubbing my favorite saucier (i.o.w., getting ready to make supper), and says, “Dad, can I be your sous tonight?” No, no punchline. Just a proud moment: one, that my son knows what sous means both in and out of this context; and two, that he wants to help me cook. And now, a punchline. After roasting, mincing, and tasting a fresh jalepeno, I grabbed a tasting spoon from the holder by the stove, grabbed a couple of pieces and offered them to him. This is standard … Continue reading My Sous Chef

Sweet Roll Recipe

This recipe is another staple in my box. I use it for dinner rolls, sandwich buns, as a base for Hot Cross Buns and for other places where a sweeter dough is needed.  I’m just going to put the basic directions for making the rolls here. I thought I had a picture somewhere, but I can’t find one. Currently I have a batch rising. You really don’t want a picture of dough. I’ll get pictures of these for the future though. Oven at 350 degrees/Bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown 1/2 Cup 110 degree water 1/2 Cup 110 … Continue reading Sweet Roll Recipe

Basic White Bread Recipe

I have a post percolating about getting back to basics in the desire to have a natural lifestyle while living the modern world of two children in different schools, Minecraft, dance classes three days a week, day jobs, night jobs, you know… the craziness that is life on Osage. We’ll get to that in a bit. Until that happens I don’t want to ignore the present. Tonight I started with bread. That very basic staple that in our household is one thing that means home and health. I pulled out my reliable recipe that I haven’t used in over a … Continue reading Basic White Bread Recipe

Best little kitchen gadget ever.

Beggar that I am, I am even poor in thanks; but I thank you, and sure, dear friends, my thanks are too dear a halfpenny. – Hamlet, Act II, Scene 2.   I don’t buy a lot of tools for the kitchen. I have my favorite pan (a 10″ Calphalon saucier), my favorite knife (a wicked sharp Cutco chef’s knife my dad bought somewhere around 1970) of course, but gadgets? We don’t really have room for them, so while I love to shop for them, I rarely purchase. A couple of summers ago, we stocked up on corn. A local … Continue reading Best little kitchen gadget ever.

Thumper is in Serious Danger

Michelle has watched (correction, helped, she says) her grandfather, an avid racoon hunter, skin and field dress a racoon on several occasions (I’m pretty sure it was a different racoon each time). She has changed a variety of diapers. She held me once while I was being violently ill from a bad reaction to a prescribed pharmaceutical. She will insert her hand into the body cavity of a dressed chicken to remove the giblet package and scrape away any innards the butcher might have missed.

But she will not touch a dead mouse, or bait a fishhook.

I told her Saturday as we were making pizza that I’d like to try rabbit. She agreed, guardedly, like she knew there was more coming. There was: I told her why.

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The Great Pizza Experiment

We have tried a variety of cuisines in our kitchen. From Indian and Chinese, to Italian to Polish, and pretty much every region of the United States except for Northeastern, and that only because neither of us is too fond of clams.

We’ve never tried pizza. Real, flour-water-yeast-rise-flatten-toppings-bake pizza. We’ve been searching for a good pizza for our family, and have yet to find it.

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Cooking Rice

I’ve got some recipes coming up that are best served with rice. I thought it might be useful to share what I know about cooking the stuff.

Michelle’s been on me for years to buy a rice and vegetable steamer like this one. Since I’m totally blinded to such things by the presence of a Y chromosome, I much prefer to cook my rice in a simple lidded saucepan, and my broccoli (and just about every other firm textured vegetable) in a larger sauce pan with a steamer insert. For a small kitchen, which we have, that’s the best option anyway: we just don’t have room to store yet another appliance. Besides it doesn’t do it any better, it just does it for more money, and I’m a cheap bastard.

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