Pumpkin Muffins

One of the things I like about Autumn is the combined smell of cinnamon and nutmeg. I made these muffins this morning, based on another recipe I found for carrot muffins. I like the pumpkin better. The recipe could still use some tweaking, and as I perfect it I’ll come back and post the changes. The “crumb” is completely optional, but I like crumb toppings, so I put it on. This will be one of the few recipes where I recommend a canned product (the pumpkin): you can make your own if you like, but the canned stuff is just … Continue reading Pumpkin Muffins

Pancakes, Three Ways

I went all Iron Chef-y this morning at breakfast.

Most Saturday mornings I make pancakes for the family. (I don’t much care for them, myself.) Sometimes I get fancy and make a fruit syrup or toss in some blueberries, but usually it’s a straight ol’ pancake with butter and maple syrup. This morning, with my neck feeling better, I was feeling kinda creative.

I decided to go for a variety and did Silver Dollar Pancakes, Three Ways: Banana Pecan with Maple Syrup, Pecan with Black Raspberry Syrup, and Cranberry with Orange Syrup.

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And that’s a wrap, people.

Every year about this time, my wife and I look at each other and say these exact words, “Well, we survived Christmas.” Every year. Those exact words. Really. It’s an interesting choice of words. Survived. As if the holiday was an obstacle course, a live-fire exercise full of pitfalls and traps, which, in point of fact, it is. Harsh words for such a joyous season, I know. It’s complicated. Don’t think for a moment I didn’t have a good time, but any holiday can be a struggle for someone with sensory issues. I’m grateful it’s done and we can get … Continue reading And that’s a wrap, people.

Roasted Red & Yellow Pepper Salsa

I was making quesadillas for supper and discovered to my horror that we had run out of salsa. Usually, just for convenience, we use Pace Picante Sauce, and we buy it in large economy-size jars. Never again. Nothing wrong with the store-bought stuff, but it absolutely doesn’t compare with what I made as an “emergency”. That “emergency” is now our standard. Salsa is really easy to make: tomatoes, onions, garlic, green pepper, chilis, and whatever other fresh chopped veg you want. This is the specific recipe I used…if I can remember it…I was making it up as I went along. … Continue reading Roasted Red & Yellow Pepper Salsa

Cooking with Katie

An imaginary Katie in chef's whitesOne of the points that Temple Grandin makes – and one that I would suggest is her most important – is that you must find a way to connect with children who are on the autism spectrum.

Lately, for Katie, that has been in the kitchen, cooking. I’ve been cooking most of the suppers lately, and Katie has declared herself to be my permanent sous chef. If I am in the kitchen, she will be there, too, standing on a step-stool so she can reach the counter.

I started with the basics, something appropriate for a nine year old to know: how to safely handle a 9″ chef’s knife.

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