Packaged Food

We don’t eat a lot of packaged food at our house. Several reasons for this. Cooking fresh food is, on the whole, better for you. It’s usually cheaper. While choosing a menu can get a lot old, I enjoy cooking…and I’m good at it, which helps.

You also have more control over how much food you prepare and in what proportions. Case in point: I haven’t yet mastered Indian food (Indian as in dot, not feather). That particular flavor profile continues to elude me. I’m able to satisfy that craving using fresh meat and jars of simmer sauces – our local grocery used to carry their own house brand and they were fantastic, though, sadly, now discontinued.

A block away from the usual store is a smaller store, a European chain known for its lower prices, and in their cooler they periodically have pre-packaged > stuff < placed with an eye to getting your attention for you to try whatever it is the warehouse has too much of. (I’m guessing.)

Not an accurate depiction of actual portions.

One day, they had “butter chicken.” Rice, meat, sauce, in a convenient, microwavable package.

It’s delicious. I’m eating it right now, as I’m typing this. The sauce is colorful and flavorful, got a nice kick of heat on the back end. The artwork on the box is attention-getting and on the back, in the upper left-hand corner, in a neat box and bold type, it says, “Servings per pkg.: 2.”


Yeah, maybe that’s true overall by weight, but let me tell you what’s actually in the box:

A half dozen small chunks of chicken and enough rice for a starving, carb-addicted party of twelve.

Don’t get me wrong. It tastes really good. It does. But we really need to work on our portion sizes.



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